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Welcome to the Ashland-Boyd County Health Department


Shelby Hall, RS

Environmental Health

Program Manager


[email protected]

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Temporary Food Operations

All temporary food vendors must have a permit to operate and must apply a minimum of 30 days prior to the planned temporary event. Foods may be prepared and served in conjunction with gatherings or events such as fairs, festivals, etc. Food items and methods of preparation may be restricted during these temporary events. All temporary food vendors must have a permit from the the local health department prior to commencing operations. Permits are valid if the establishment complies with regulations for up to 14 days at one location. Permit fees are dependent upon the number of days permit applicants plan to operate at the designated location and are broken down as follows:

1-3 days........$60.00

4-7 days........$90.00

8-14 days.....$125.00

For more information and permit applications, please contact your local county health department.

You can review and print the Temporary Food Service Set-up Guidelines here.